Julie Prescott

Julie Prescott is the Managing Director of Federal Prison Expert and Executive Director of our Federal Prison Consultants division, the flagship division of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. In addition, she serves as is Vice-Chair of our Advisory Board after a 24 year career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Julie’s knowledge and experience spans her responsibilities as a Case Manager, Disciplinary Hearing Officer, Acting Unit Manager, Acting Executive Assistant, Public Information Officer, and Case Management Coordinator in a Federal Correctional Institution and a Federal Medical Center. She has expert knowledge in classification and designation issues, Compassionate Release/Reduction in Sentence, inmate discipline, Residential Reentry Center/Home Detention referrals, mental health commitments, medical center referrals, and administrative remedies. She worked directly with incarcerated individuals for over two decades. Julie is experienced in working with diverse populations from pretrial/forensic evaluation cases, all security levels from minimum to high, medical/surgical populations, mentally ill offenders, Witness Security cases, and very high profile cases. She is a skilled liaison with the U.S. Parole Commission and U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services. Julie is a Federal and State Prison Case Management Specialist.


Cindy Gardner

Ms. Gardner is the Chair of our Board of Advisors and assists in high-profile case strategies within all of our divisions. She is Co-Founder and former Chief Consultant of Federal Prison Consultants, our flagship division. Cindy has been zealously advocating for federal and state defendants and inmates for over 15 years.


John Irwin

John Irwin is our Community Custody Specialist for both Federal and State clients. He also serves as a member of our Board of Advisors. He is an expert in the area of federal and state prisoner reentry. John’s professional career has been devoted to assisting those that have been incarcerated effectively and successfully reenter the community and live productive and meaningful lives.
John’s tireless efforts while employed by the Arizona Department of Corrections and the Colorado Department of Corrections was to assist countless men and women throughout his professional. He has done extensive research in the area of recidivism and has shared his knowledge and expertise in various publications. John brings his commitment to helping others build better lives to the clients of State Prison Advocates.


Shakeerah Hameen

Shakeerah serves as Assistant Director and Intake Specialist with more than 10 years of experience with Federal Prison Consultants. Her expertise spans the areas of sentencing mitigation, pardons, parole and sentence commutation. In addition, her responsibilities include case management and the intake of all new cases.


Danny Kuhn

Danny is a retired Deputy Chief United Sates Probation Officer with a 20-year career in the Federal Court System. His extensive expertise includes Presentence, Pretrial, and Supervision Reports, Sentencing recommendations and testimony at Sentencing in financial, environmental, medical and corporate cases.


Bryan Bledsoe

Bryan Bledsoe joins the Advisory Board of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. after 30 years with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Bryan has been the Warden of several different institutions ranging from Camp Level to US Penitentiaries and has received a number of promotions and awards. Bryan brings his unique knowledge and experience to our Clients as a member of our Board and the Director of our Kentucky division.


David Hicks

David is the retired Chief Medical Designator for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He was responsible for the placement and designation of unsentenced and sentenced offenders that would meet their medical, mental health and security needs. He has worked closely with the U.S. Marshals Service, the Judiciary and Defense Counsel in achieving favorable placement.



Diane Stephens

Diane has extensive knowledge and expertise stemming from her own incarceration for more than 10 years. She is a paralegal and has worked for several prominent attorneys in state and federal levels of criminal defense. There she turned her state sentence into a period of learning criminal law and helping those with her behind bars with various aspects of their cases. Using her knowledge, she successfully prepared her own application for post-conviction relief. Since her release in 2007, she has been a tireless advocate for felony offenders and as a paralegal and has worked for several prominent attorneys at the state and federal levels of criminal defense. Diane has joined our State Prison Advocates division as a Case Manager to continue that work on a national scale.


Melvina Kemp

A graduate of the University of Georgia (2007 A.B. Political Science) and Florida Coastal School of Law (2012 J.D. Law), Melvina Kemp is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, the oldest of twelve children. She is a member of the Florida Bar Association and has practiced law in the areas of Criminal, Family, Immigration and Tax Law.


Dr. Jerry Smith, Jr. PsyD

Dr. Jerry Smith is Director of our BOP RDAP Consultants division and our BOP RDAP Psychologist website. He is a 20 year veteran with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, serving as a Clinical Psychologist and a Drug Abuse Treatment Coordinator for the Federal Bureau of Prison’s highly regarded Residential Drug Abuse Program informally know as the RDAP Program. Jerry brings with him many years of experience and services as a BOP RDAP Expert for all of our divisions. He is an expert in correctional management, personnel management and corporate leadership, crisis communication and conflict resolution and behavioral analysis. He holds Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Professional Counseling.